Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Nothings !!!

Dream :

I wanted an arranged marriage …. And visualized many “Ponnu paakarathu “ scene and gave pose to many photos to float in market .. Marriage sitting in my father’s lap , I was a big fan of Madisar and our customs….
It is my first day in my second job .. … I entered the class with some stupid Jean and a shirt , bubble gum,spex blab la .. Many guys in the class they look around and see me … I could see in their eyes – Sariyana adanga pidari .. Then I see someone coming opposite to me .. Saw him – first thing I noticed was his eyes. It was big for a guy and it was a eye with literally NO EXPRESSION .. I saw such kind of eyes for the first time !!! .. Then to cut the story short , we were always fighting in the job , we used to hate each other and we fought openly and soon became friends and soon became so called …. No need to say “ I have met my man “

I am a great movie I was always thinking that he will propose to me in a rainy day - with some roses and he says “ can you marry me ? I can’t think of a life without you “
He came and said “ I want to speak to you “ .. Great .. mm… going fine… … we had to settle in our office itself to speak ..thatz bad.. but still ok .. .He opens the statement saying “ See .. I know what is going on between us .. But I don’t think it is going to be possible .. We belong to two different culture and it is not going to work out ! “ Real egg on my face now .. What a proposal …
I am going out with my lover for the first time – He is waiting for me in some place – I am going just 10 mins late and he is angry with me and tells me that he is waiting for long and when I do some konjals he forgets all that ….
We were to go for our first movie – he told me he will pick me up at 10 clk in some place… I reach there by 10.15 dreaming about his presence … .. Alas..there is no sign of him ! I am waiting till 10.45 … He comes in his bike and says “ Sorry , got late , Hope it is not a problem ! “ .. And I can’t believe myself telling him “ it is ok !!! “ The movie was one Malayalam Movie – I don’t understand even ABCD of Malayalam that time – I ended up watching the whole movie just seeing how people are moving from one place to another, their dress ,hair style etc !!!!!

When I go outside to restaurant with my lover , I want to sit near him ( not to touch him anyways) , talk seeing his eyes , he serves my food and enjoys talking to me than the food .
We went to a Chettinad Restaurant .. I was to sit near him – He told me to sit in the opposite chair and said “ This is convenient to speak – I cant turn my head all the time to speak if you sit next to me ! “ thatz …what more in store ??? I don’t even see him lifting his head out of menu – he tells me this food is so nice here – why don’t u try this that blab la ??? mmm… ok .. food comes .. mm..what to say? He is a foodie – and he lives to eat , not eat to live …… I m so low already – but still carrying a smile in my face … bill came .. now I hear him saying “ Month end already…Not much of money ..y don’t u pick up the bill ??? “ Boommmmmmmmmmmmm …… onnum illa… blast in my heart ….

Marriage day – My hubby looks at me always , winks at me and tells me that I m more beautiful than ever …. And everyone around me is teasing me saying that “ wow .. ur husband unnaiyae paakran ,kalakku“
Our marriage was after so much of struggle and it became sort of a arranged marriage – marriage in guruvayur ,reception in Trichy …..I am wearing his traditional saree – He was already there in temple waiting for me .I came fully dressed with my parents- he saw me from distance and started walking towards me …I was shocked and was so happy inside.. gave a very proud look to people around me.. he came closer and called me “ come “ ..I was on cloud nine “ He said “ r u stupid ? who asked you to put this much make up ?? it doesn’t suit u at all .. you look like one bootham “ … I was almost fainting.. My mother was calling me ( adding fuel to the fire !!) and telling me – Evalothan erunthallum u shouldn’t be talking like this during marriage – ask him to control himself – I know it is a love marriage – athukkunnu ipadiyannu ..hehheeh …. What to say man ? I had to keep a smile and act …. Marriage done ! L

Give lots of unexpected gifts to my husband and kill him with my love – he opens my card and with watery eyes (sandhosam pa ) he tells me “ you r a boon to my life “ ….
I gave him the card on a special day “ the day when we met” and tried to write some poetry bla bla… He read it and said “ GOOD ! “ and he told me .. It is good that you gave me this – But y r wasting money on cards ?????
There are many SWEET incidents like this !!
Mine is really a sweet “ NOTHING “ !!!!!
He is one of the most unromantic and practical person in the world … He has never said I love you ..he never told me that I m his life .. he never said he missed me … but does it matter ? I don’t think so … .But I knew it myself – He has sacrificed so much for me –
He lost his great wedding and loads of money and relatives ( if it were a normal wedding )
A scar in his parents heart for selecting someone who don’t even understand their culture
A tasty and favorite food ( non-vegetarian food ) which he could never eat from his wife’s cooking .. now he is a big fan of my Curd Rice @!!!
A daughter who speaks to him in Tamil and he has no complaints till now …
Adopted to a home where the culture is completely NEW to him and doesn’t appeal at all to him ..but he still feels at home..
Adjusting with a workaholic wife like me who is always on calls / laptop even if he is at home….
Staying calm and peaceful with someone like me who is extremely SHORT TEMPERED !
Etc etc etc …
There are many things I can keep on adding …..
But to summarize … He has never told anything – but I knew that I am his everything and I am always special in his life – I knew that I am gifted to have a husband who can still love me for what I am… Who can still bear all my tortures and gives me enough freedom and space.. Who could bear my continuous talks for the last 9 years !!!!
I don’t expect flowers, dinners or lLU messages ….. I don’t expect a romantic look and a hug … All I want is to remain with him till I die and Torture him to the max possible … ( habba..tried for a romantic ending ! successful !)


  1. Nice one :) Came here thr your status msg. Many a times reality hits hard, but u explained it so naturally.. btw didn't u realize u had a typical bollywood love story? with the hero-heroine hating each other first n finally falling hopelessly in love :)

  2. Welcome to blog world girlie :)

  3. Well Sayee.. This is definitely a cute love story.. :)