Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is a Male force always needed at home ?

Husband was not in town .. nandhu was not ready to sleep in my flat n was asking me if she can sleep in mother's place... I was surprised ..I assumed that she missed her father at home ..So I told her that Appa will come after couple of days we better go and sleep on our own for some time.. then she asked me ,"amma , can we take Mama with us ? " ... I am not really sure .she is just 7 ... How did she get an idea that a guy is needed in the house for us to be safe ? I am not disputing the fact that guys are physically strong.but then , at this young age itself, girls start their dependencies on men .. :( I am not being a feminist here ..but then , it the society which gives such an image to kids ? or is it what they hear n seee at home.. Men are part of life and every stage u need them like the way they need us .. but then , when is this "MUST FActor " getting added up ?  hmmm..I think it will be ages for us to change ..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Luck hates competency

Life nevers stops to amaze me... Every day teaches something new .. but am I learning out of it ? Big Q . Let me skip that.

This world is totally imbalanced ! I totally fail to understand the reason behind some happenings.. I always trust that everything happens with a cause and sometimes it is just beyond human's interpretation.but why do things happen most of the time without me being able to interpret it?

why do always luck being impartial? Y hardwork never succeeeds ? y do incapable people survive and live happily wherein capable people struggle their ass to get to a decent level? hardwork never fails, it is true..but it succeeds only at last minute after so much try !

i m fed up with all the crap around !