Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is a Male force always needed at home ?

Husband was not in town .. nandhu was not ready to sleep in my flat n was asking me if she can sleep in mother's place... I was surprised ..I assumed that she missed her father at home ..So I told her that Appa will come after couple of days we better go and sleep on our own for some time.. then she asked me ,"amma , can we take Mama with us ? " ... I am not really sure .she is just 7 ... How did she get an idea that a guy is needed in the house for us to be safe ? I am not disputing the fact that guys are physically strong.but then , at this young age itself, girls start their dependencies on men .. :( I am not being a feminist here ..but then , it the society which gives such an image to kids ? or is it what they hear n seee at home.. Men are part of life and every stage u need them like the way they need us .. but then , when is this "MUST FActor " getting added up ?  hmmm..I think it will be ages for us to change ..