Monday, March 22, 2010

Nandhu - My MIL !

I have got a good MIL who doesnt question me unnecessarily - May be she knows thaat it doesnt really change me if she says somethin - U see .basically she is clever ...

From my childhood , I have always been a rebel - if someone asks me to take a path on left , I will make sure that I tke a path on right... It was in my blood .. questioned everything around and it became a habit ! I was a spoiled brat and a tough nut ..... and Neither my parents could control nor my hubby..all were basically good and paavam .and couldnt really tolerate what happened at last ? they got used to me .heheh ..pity them - they dont have a choice..

Actually - on a side note , I always wondered - My parents had no choice - of course u dont get a choice to select ur baby..Bt my hubby? how did he really got into this ? ? hhehe .. only he can answer .. it s a million dolloar question for my parents as well..u see .. vidhi namma munnadi vandhu disco aadum bothu , thapikava mudium ? hehehe :) ada chee.. pesa vandha topic a vittutu vere ennamo pesittu erukken?

Now .. i was doing my own hitler ruling till the day my lil angel arrived ... God was watching me and told to himself that - Magalae vaichu erukken unakku second halfla ..

now she is 4 and she has taken over a role of my mil

1) me working in laptop

Nandhu comes and shouts at me - she calls me by Name " amma ... evavlo thadava sollarathu unakku ? arivae kidaiyatha??? when u come home, y dont u play with me? eppo paaru laptop , phone ???? "

2) i am on phone and she is with my parents.

appa is assking Nandhu - Nandhu .. naangalum poyita nee enna pannuva ? amma work pannindae erupalae?
her answer : enna pannarathu ?? appovum amma ithethan pannuva .. so naan oru orphange poren ..neriya pasanga erukangalae??? !!!!! WOW ! enna thought process???/

3)I m watching TV - she comes
Amma , enna pannara ? oficela erunthu vandhuttu innuum nee tiffin box alambala … thaatha alambina ..kai ellam ratham varuthu ..unakku poruppae illaiya?????????! How dare ? even my parents don’t ask that !!!!!!!!

4) I m getting ready to go out – dressing up

She comes – amma – ennadhu ithu ? ivalo Periya pottu ??? Mami maathiri erukku ..enna color dress ithu ? y this saree? Jeans pottukko .. habba ..konjam modern than en mamiyar !!!!

5) I am again watching TV and my mother in kitchen

She comes and asks me – amma – y don’t u cook ? unaku samaikka theriyatha ? panni kooden .eppo paaru ammamma than samaikara ….  now this is the area I cant do anything – I tell her that – no way ..she doesn’t give up … at last – I ended up taking her to Pizza hut!!!!!!!!!

6) me and Nandhu are outside ,roaming around and I am wearing one of her ear rings..
Nandhu is asking me thru out the trip – Mummy …yen ennoda thodu pottu erukka???unakku vere illaiya??? Don’t worry - I will share everything ..she says this at least 10 times and even in front of my relatives – indha padaiyappa style … ithuthan maapilliai …aana dress ennodatthu illa ??

7) to my mother - seeing her keeping her chain inside locker
Ammama.. yen nee ivalo nagai pottu erukka? En amma onnumae pottukalaiyae – Amma says – ellamae enakku apuram unakkuthan de… .. Nandhu tells her – “ippovae kudu ammaama ,evalo naal wait pannum??? “

8) in school – her teacher asks her what is her fav food?

She says fried rice and tell hher miss that amma doesn’t cook at all in home – we always eat friend rice in saravana athuthan pudikkum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Incidents are moreeeeeeeeeeee !

But at times , she is my mother as well – When I am not well , ,she is the one who takes care of me … when I am upset , she also cries with me – when I am around , she always clings on to me … she tells me that she loves me the most … She is too possessive about me.. doesn’t even let my hubby touch me.. for anything and everything she comes to me .. .when I work , she doesn’t disturb, she waits for me to complete it to talk to me ….. she is my boon , she is my love and she is my everything.. I am proud to say that I am her MOTHER !! 


  1. - Appa and amma - no other go they have to reap what they sowed hehehehehe
    - ur hubby - do we see 'sensible' love here? ROFL
    - Nandu kutty: oh that was so sweet di....sighhhhhhh I add the latter half to my' how much i want a girl' list

  2. Yes true - My hubby dear is extremely Sensible - thatz the problem I have today!!!!!!!!!!!!