Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Education system and my inability !

I was very very upset y'day ......
1) I am guilty for not able to spend enough time with Nandhu ....
2) I really wonder what the education system we have currently !!!!

let me write it clearly - Nandhu is in LKG and her third term EXAMS are going on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all , I dont understand why should they burden the kid with exams ( trust me- i get time table and portion as well!!) and to make it worse, they correct the paper and give marks as well !!!!!! not even grade ... And kids are being told that you take Zero , then u wont move to another class... Give me a break ..they are in LKG ! and my daughter comes home with homework - A to Z that too cursive writing - 2 pages !! %%$#%#$ off the system ! When I go , then i get complaints as well if she has not done w well in exams ! Anyways, they will have to study a lot when they grow - but y r we not letting them to enjoy ? This is the sensible person in me talking .

But the poor mother in me is worried and I also start getting the pressure.... :( given my worklife , I am not getting time to sit with her and teach her.. Even with the lil time i get at home, i am sitting iwth my laptop - I think I should also correct myself.... So i was feeling very very guilty y'day..
but having said that , I pay too much money for her education - if theye cant teach properly at school and if i have to do everything at home,then I better keep her at home..
My daughter travels in Van for 45 mins to reach school !!! is it really worth ? She studied in a school near my home last yr- it was just opposite - it was just a normal school concentrating on Academics - i thought I am a great Genius and wanted my daughter to excel in other activities as well - so thought thiss is some international school ( bullshit !) ,dance ,swimming bla bla .. her language will improve much of analysis and i moved her here with some heafty Donation !what a waste ! she goes for swimming ,she dances - but her basics seem to be missing - she was bettr in that old school .....
Yday , I had to sit with her and at times , I hit her as well .. and shouted to her in anger.. how to teach her eveything on the day of exam !! I knew I was wrong .. But I behaved so badly yday and at night I checked myself and told Sorry to Nandhu .. If I dont understand ,then whom else will understand my kid !!

I am still upset for my behaviour ......

I am now seriously thinking about changing her school !


  1. Ikkaraikku akkarai pachai.. Sayee.. Avasarappattu mudivedutthidathe...

    Try to sit with her at least an hour a day in the evening.... neeye azhutha ithellam romba tough nnu antha kuzhanthayum nambividum... make in a fun experience.. let the kid enjoy learning.. if she loves it, then it wouldnt take much time to finish her homework and you make sure that she enjoys her childhood the rest of the time. Also keep in touch with the teachers.

    PS: Please do not show this comment to my husband!

  2. - Mummy crimes do happen girlie...its fine...we will grow outta it :)
    - maybe before u try and change schools try to get a few parents and approach the heads of the school...explain .in (bullet) points we don't want rank system (grade is better), we don't want too much homework(weekly once is fine)etc etc
    -I suppose the school feels that only if they tax the child the parents who have paid so much will feel satisfied (bad logic) but maybe di....
    - If they don't agree then look for another school....
    - am pretty confident most of the parents share ur views...i do...get together and represent di....good luck

  3. Sayee..Like Nisha And Gayathri hv said.. dont make another hasty change..Wait and watch. Isnt Schram a good school..!
    Anyway, i think admissions wud have been wrapped up for this year.
    I could instantly relate to one part of ur blog-

    ""She studied in a school near my home last yr- it was just opposite - it was just a normal school concentrating on Academics - i thought I am a great Genius and wanted my daughter to excel in other activities as well""

    Every year, around Oct-Nov, i go thru this dilemma.. and i twice 'selected' PSBB and Ashram schools, for admission for my daughter..! But my ideas were beaten down by my family.. who wanted her to be at peace, closer to home..After i started working at Adambakkm itself, since last year.. i stopped thinking of changing her school. Since all her teachers draw their salary from my Bank, i got to know them all personally, which is immensely helpful to me, in many issues.

    But still, there is this nagging issue of not putting her in THE best school around.. By any yardstick, her present school, is not the best. And like all schools, she gets to study for 'exams' every now and then. Thankfully, they avoid marking system for the final exams. But Sayee, my daughter actually enjoys sitting and studying, and doing her homework.. she is happy only when she comes home with some homework to do..! I wonder if its the 'ordinary' school, or if she is just 'acamedic' !
    I have heard two opinions about this schooling issue: some ppl are of the opinion that KG to Class 5 is the phase when the school is most important, another section feels that it is the proximity to home, and burdenless education, which is more important during this phase.
    After lots of confusion, i have settled for the latter opinion.
    What do u think..?