Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There is a hairline difference between being a Workaholic and a Maniac !

I have been pondering over this topic for long… I am a workaholic … and I am really proud to say so .. But people don’t seem to accept it . I get advice from all quarters - Don’t love ur work too much , give importance to ur family .. they will only cry when you die .. bla blla.. My Bro used to tell me “ Yen nee Jyothika maathri kudukara kaasukku mela nadikkara ( I mean working ) nnu “ … I used to always wonder ..what is so wrong in loving ur job ? After all , you have spent majority of ur golden years studying and preparing yourself to face the world.. And job is one of the ways to ensure that your investment over studies or time in ur younger days don’t go waste....

Let me take reason by reason what great people say …

1) Don’t love ur job too much ......

So whatz wrong ?? Job is what is giving me an identity ..Everyone’s life is having a purpose and If I think that getting a good career is one great purpose in life , whatz wrong ? after all , my career today hasn’t come just like that – for anyone for that matter – it is hard earned…you love your father ./ mother because they r ur own .. you are told that it is ur duty to take care of them bcoz ur life is given by them .. is the same principle not applicable for career ? It gives u enough money , gives u identity , gives u recognition , self satisfaction.. so is it not my duty to love my job back ? no one measures your love for mother –no one is going to tell u don’t love ur mother too much…. y there is a measure of ur love for job ???

2) Maintain a well balanced life – First priority goes to family …
This is one of the areas I do tend to agree – Balancing between family and Work – always a Hercules task… if u ask me whether I like curd rice or Peanuts , I can’t say one… heheh …so the same way … I don’t think I get to set priorities between these two – family and work …I am sure my daughter is hurt whenever she sees me with laptop and tells me that amma y don’t u play with me? It hurts…but when am on a conf call which is an important business call , I do want my daughter to wait… and I will compensate this time some other way…I might sound cruel…but my question is – Assume my daughter grows up – she is holding an important position and when she is on a important meeting worth million dollar business and when I call her saying that I am not well ( not so major) , will she not be practical to tell me to go hospital with her manager ,rush to me as soon as she is done.. or will she rush to hospital ? I guess – the second part may happen in movies – real life – that too in the next generation I am not sure … And I don’t think it is wrong if it s a first option– it is the matter of being practical over being senti… I don’t think love should make someone foolish and possessive ..! However , I don’t deny that it is VERY Important to ensure that you do ur duty as a parent and don’t do anything at the cost of ur family… But I am not sure does it mean I give up everything for family ? mm…I am not questioning people’s decision on being a homemaker after a kid… I am only questioning myself – what is wrong in having a demanding career even if you have a big family?

3) Females – Only secondary earning members in the family – so let the male be a bread winner and females take care of family !!

Bullshit !!!! This is what I think when I hear this – My mummy used to say – un husband kondu vara kaasu poratha ? y don’t u sit at home??? I have asked her back – y can’t my husband sit at home and I earn? You are sharing ur life and both of u are responsible for running a smooth family – So if my hubby is willing to do so , y can’t he sit at home while I work ? Who decided that Men should work and women shouldn’t work ? In olden days ,there were lots of physical work and people were conservative enough not to educate females much..now there is no restriction .. but y r we still sticking to the concept of man being the breadwinner? Can’t a bread be bought if it is a female’s money ?? Even if husbands are willing to do so , people around us never let us live happily – they start all bullshit and ensure that his ego in punctured to the core…With the current economy , I guess Financial freedom is must for females as well….we do see cases where widows without job .. or Divorced – Just for an argument sake …education eppovum soru podum ..purushan eppovum soru poduvannu enna nitchayam ? heheh …

Ok .. now … I personally feel being workaholic is not WRONG…. Be it love or work , you need to draw ur clear boundaries .. that doesn’t mean u shouldn’t be a workaholic..if work is fun and gives me happiness to work till 12 clk at night , y can’t I ? After all , we follow our heart….and when I look back when I am old , I don’t think I m gonna miss golden years by slogging for someone .. When you work u don’t work for your boss , u work for urself – u work for ur own passion .. u work for ur own growth … Being workaholic , do pay back … if I become too possessive about my kid ,then I am going to spoil her life by poking my nose into each and everything ..I should know where to stop… Same is applicable for job as well … priorities are decided based on the situations not to be decided as an one time decision… Riding on two horses is to be practiced and who knows u may master in both .... It is the matter of purpose in life – It is the matter of achieving ur goal in life – and we do chase multiple goals .. not a single goal …

So keep loving ur work :) :)


  1. - I agree to all of the above :)
    - Loving your job is good but it shouldn't be at the expense of your health
    - the art of chasing multiple goals is tuff but can be mastered...atleast that's what they say :b

  2. I agree with the fact that it does give a unique identity. Instead of being known as some one's wife/daughter/mom, it is very important to be known as the person you are!! Plus all the talents in a person does get exosed in the right way!!
    In addition to it, it doesn't keep one idle at any point of time. I believe watching TV is also being idle!! & no matter what - an idle mind is a devil's workshop!!

    Above all - it gives financial independence, confidence & emotional independence!! It matters a lot!! More than anything in world!!

    My vote is for working people & people enjoying their work!!