Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letter to my Better half !!

Dear Husband ....

when was the last time we talked sweet nothings ??

When was the last time we held each other's hand and sat in silence ?

When was the last time we remembered and talked through our early days of love ?

When was the last time we felt completely in awe with each other ?

When was the last time we sat together and enjoyed the sea in silence ?

When was the last time we had our tea together talked about ONLY US ?

When was the last time we appreciated each other for the new dress / hair style etc ?

when was the last time I pestered you to tell me " How much you love me " and " how much I meant to you " ??

When was the last time we looked into each other's eyes ?

When was the last time we discussed about changes in our likes and dislikes ?

Our days are filled with work tensions , updates about the daughters ..

our conversations revolve around schools,kids mischief, newborn's day , office , work calls ..

Our outings are to restaurants , toy shops , hospitals and schools ..

Our excitements come from "Test Marks" , Smiles from kiddos ,

When are we going to have " WE TIME " ??

There were times we "STAYED together " even if we were phyisically miles away.. Now We STAY TOGETHER " but the souls are wandering really miles away...

When are we going to "renew " our relationship as "Husband and Wife " ?

When are we going to realize that there is also something beyond " Parenthood" ?

When are we going to get excited about having each other's company alone ?

when are we going to "FALL IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER AGAIN ? " ....


Yours lovingly ,

Mother Of your kids ( Wife ??? )


  1. Sayee, nee ippadi yellam kuda yezhudhuviya...hahahah..

  2. The other side of me ;) ..... hahahaha ..

    On a serious note , I thought we really lose ourselves in parenthood... It is good to see a husband and wife getting transformed into Father and Mother and doing their duty perfectly .. But is that all ? where is the companionship ? Just to add spice , I had made it bit romantic .. But honestly , the friendship, the need for each other is replaced by duties duties duties !! I dont believe in a traditional husband and wife relationship .. IF marriage is to share one's life with another , then it has to be interesting no matter how many kids u have rit ... :)

  3. nice letter, sayee! I have this feeling when I watch a mushy hollywood movie :)

  4. - True we have lost ourselves in the world of parenthood like every other Indian parent :)
    - Atleast the moms have ;)
    - wondering if the husbands become bachelors yet again after the kids are born :D
    - On a positive note...Am sure this love letter will work ;D

  5. @ Shylu ... i just read a M & B yday .. ( for a change) so this letter... ehehhee h

    @ Gayu - Sorry de ..u guessed it wrong ... This never works with Abin .. He read and said " No comments" .. I heard this word million times in the last 10 yrs :)

  6. Gurrrl, i feel you, i really do! Despite being married for only two years and despite having no kids...!

  7. ! enna solradune teriyala ponne.. this seems to be too true and down to the core...There is so much happening... just not us :) is it for good or bad, I wouldnt know ;)

  8. Nice one...from the heart .....