Friday, July 15, 2011

My Cooking Extravaganza

Life Sometime amazes me with its twists and turns.. now let us get the Mosquito Mat ( Flashback ...!!)

Me in College -

Amma , what is this ??? I dont want curd rice today , pls give me paruppu urundai kuzhambu many scoldings and fights , I get it .. mm... Whaaww..yummy... Kitchen is a place to eat , wash plates ... !!

Me After marria
ge -

We are in Srilanka after marriage and told my hubby that I am going to make paruppu usili ( one of my fav !) now , I had a big tug of war between me and the kadai..alas ..I won .. Paruppu usili came out.. it was lil brown in color ( ok ok was really DARK BROWN !) ..but it is my first creation u proud of it - adjusting it with Ghee ,ghee ,ghee... Hubby comes sniffing.. some bad smell ;) I manage with a smile n serve him my creation.. he says ..mmm.this doesnt taste tooooo good ... some smell coming rit .. I tell him confidently ..this is called usili and it is supposed to taste like that ( he doesnt know how a real one tastes and i capitalized on it ) .. heheh ..and my torture continued for some time and he ran away for onsite projects ( I swear , not becoz of my cooking - ( side story - he ate real paruppu usili at my mother's place and you know what happened !! )

Me after Nandhu

I was with my parents - Hubby travelled on and off and I used that excuse to stay with parents - so all I had to do is go to office ,come back home , play with nandhu for some time ..even weekends were only for fun .. I used to roam around , read books ,blabla... Amma used to scold for doing nothing at home... Honestly , how many were fortunate enough to stay with parents after marriage and have amma's food ? my mother is a great cook ..anything she cooks tastes it was all the more reason for me to enjoy... :)

Kitchen : Bliss

Me after kikee
now we are in our own flat .. started off with cook , maid etc.. It was nice to have someone giving tea in hand ;) however , the taste was not so worth enjoying - but it was ok to go on as long as I dont need to enter.. :p but then a day came ..I m left with no option but to cook ( my cook ran away :( ) ... I entered my kitchen with reluctance ..but thx to all blogs , now I m getting in one hand , karandi in another hand.. huge lists of blogs to refer .. Wow!!! cooking is fun.. having a foodie at home , it is nice to try on him with different dishes and see his reaction . :p I have to get up at 6 , fight in kitchen and also with nandhu to get herr ready while kikee is sleeping ..however,it is fun till date..rather it has become a habit to cook :p some days ,best dishes , some days so so .some days salty ,some days yucky .. but cooking is like life has its own ups n downs rit ;) ... heheheh ....

Kitchen : Place of experiment !!!!

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