Saturday, February 20, 2010

I hate GOLD

This topic was never in mind – But a small discussion in my office made me really think thru it …

I am a person who is not at all fond of gold.. I would say I hate gold .. But I have zero percent interest in gold.. my mother wanted to buy some gold bangle for their Wedding Aniversary and she asked me to buy… I was asking my colleagues to give me different options to buy and they were teasing me saying that all ladies are always behind gold ( I was speaking to a group of married men ) …I told them that I am NOT AT all interested in gold and they looked at me as if I have come down to earth from some other planet ..and told me .. Woman – no interest in gold ?? We can ‘t believe it !I told there are many people who don’t have interest in gold – but coming to think of it , Majority vote goes for gold .. I have many friends who ask their husband to buy gold every month!!!!

I went to couple of my husband’s relatives marriages.. ( in Kerala) .. I was trying to see where the girl is – She was totally covered with gold and I was wondering all along – Is this a marriage or a weight lifting competition ? and thinking of the middle class families and dowries – How much do they struggle to save gold for their daughter’s marriage? And with the increasing gold prices, it is really tough for a common man to think of gold. I think the need for gold starts from our marriage custom – First of all , I wonder why still there is a dowry system ?Will post a separate blog on this .. let me not deviate from the topic…… so much of planning goes behind the savarans ! and in some states people give gold in Kilos.. what happens after marriage ? you get Necklaces ,huge pendants, rubies blab la ( I don’t even know the varieties ) can you wear to office ?mmmm….. not safe – and so it goes to locker and sleep … you take out for marriages – but how many marriages you attend in a year ? you can’t wear everything and walk as a competition to the bride…we still hear news that that the wife loved the fire more than husband because the husband loved gold more than her ! There are deaths for 3-4 savarans ..... Value for LIFE !
Affinity for gold – Is this in our blood ? Some may say “ NO “ ..but I think still the majority will say yes to it … My mother is a walking example of it …… Her face literally brightens up when you take her into a jewellery…. She will change chain everytime ( atleast 3-4 times a yr) saying that “ pazhasa pochu …” “ model nalla illa” “kuthuthu “ blab la … I always ask her “ you cant wear more than two chains , 6-8 bangles “ at home .. what is the use of buying everything and keepin in locker ? She will tell me that it is the way to invest and will help you later
I agree that it is a investment – But I don’t know if this is true when you buy jewels – If you say gold coin, or Gold Mutual funds , ETFs etc..may be … When you change jewels , u lose a lot I suppose… wastage etc etc…. gold was 100 Rs per per savaran once , now it s 10,000 Rs ..but we could live with 400 Rs during those days and even 10,000 rs is not enough these days… So , gold rate increase Vs our money value /need increase – is it not proportional ???
Poor husbands may have good investment ideas – but given the demands and thinking of the “fight factor” , they end up spending in gold…I went to a jewellery shop with my mother … India is never a Poor Man’s place.. So many people with such sparkling eyes , looking at gold – “ Ithu edunga athu edunga “ Madam new design paarunga ..bla bla .. Guys are sitting there and yawning..Hold on – I do see some walking Gold shop Guys – Bracelets, Big Chains , Rings in fingers..mmm… so much of varieties,design … .. we easily spent 2 hrs there to pick up a bangle and came home……
My mother said – You don’t like gold – y not buy for Nandhu ?? Nandhu is very fond of gold – She asked my mother one day “ Ammamma , y do u wear this much gold while my amma never wears many chains ?” .. My amma replied to her saying that all my gold will be to you after me … few weeks went .. she told my mother one day during her talks “ ammammma , u look young now – so I call you Ammamma, when you become old , I will call you paati and once you become very old , you will go to God and before you go , please give all your gold to me !!!!! “ come on– She is proving that she is my mother’s granddaughter !!!!!! now , I went and saw gold ear rings – I was always thinking in my mind – if I get the same design in Pondibazzar - it will cost only 50 Rs – this is 5000 Rs … I couldn’t buy anything ! At last , I settled for one small gold coin !!!!
Now ,the question comes to my mind is – if I buy 1 gram of gold ,it is 1700 Rs – I can get easily 20-30 sets of ear rings for that money - Matchin my dress , trendy , makes u feel young … ,variety etc etc… The same model can be bought in covering as well ..if I go to Jill Mill or Alankar , I still can get the same designs for 1000 + rs - the same thing in gold will come around 20,000 RS!!! Why do people waste their money in gold ???? the money can be invested wisely in many ways … why always gold???????????

The above topic is only on Gold – I never said that I don’t like Platinum or Diamond..heheheh
Vidyasama yosikaren yosikarennu ithu enga poyee nikka poghutho ?


  1. - am not very gold crazy either
    - But I like the metal to the level it should be liked :)
    - I agree the Rs.20-100 zillion stuff we get are far more worth wearing rather than sticking to 1 or 2 costly gold sets...sensible
    - Investment wise...pretty ok since the prices are soaring with no damn reason at all...can't believe they pay such money for a metal afterall!!!!!!!strange....

  2. I too don't like Gold!! sour grapes!!

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  3. As you know, I too said I did not like Gold that day... but after my visit to Joy Alukkas yesterday, nan thirunthitten... hey its not that bad..!!! :-)

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  5. Well.. I agree Gold is not something we women wear much these days.. imagine walking with them on in our corporate world!!! But then yes.. it indeed is a big investment.. one that will definitely return more if you want to dispose for any reason.. forget the wastage de.. the price is gonna be sky high rocketing only upwards..
    still doesn't convince much on buying gold.. though my skin is allergic to any metal other than gold .. :) so forget jill mill or any other fancy stuff for me.. My son loves his Gold dolphin ring though.. i seldom take it out and let him wear :) good rant na