Friday, February 5, 2010

Questioning the .... !!

since you have seen my sample blog , I will now directly jump to list of questions which i have.... each questions ideally can be a blog ..but i dont have time to write everything day I will ..
From childhood , I have read tooooo many books , spoken to toooo many eccentrics , seen many different people ... i always had tooo many questions even as a child and i was seen as "adhigaprasangi and adagapidari ".. but never mind ..I never stopped asking questions.. When I was old enough to interpret and find answers, I have tried to find answers for some questions... I will write my answers later ..let me write my questions...
(Please note this is not self dabba - just setting the context for you to understand the reason behind my .... )
Now gals ..dont try to associate my questions with my character - all these questions have no direct relationships to my character.. These are all questions when i came across different situations in life ..
1) Why should a girl leave her family after marriage and get herself adopted to her husband's family?? A son or a daughter , duty remains the same..
2) Why do parents always go against love marriage ? when you are matured enough ,wont you be able to understand ur best match ?
3) Why do people still get dowry to get married? and why do girls still agree to pay to get themselves bought by someone ?
4) Why do girls are always asked by parents to be a "Girl" ? What is the definition ?/
5) why do some guys are still as male chauvinist ?? We do have female chauvinists ?
6) Why do people go in haste when they see someone caught in a accident ? where is the basic humanity?
7) Why do still there are many beggars in the street ? why Govt is not doing anything ?
8 ) Why Indian politics is still worse ? why people dont think before vote ???
9) Why do a wife still live with a husband who are not worth enough to be a human being even ? why should they stay just because they are married ? why divorce is not widely accepted yet ?
10)Why do some caste people still think they are superior ??
11) why should someone write the caste in school application ? does caste determine your knowledge ?
12) Why always poltics win in corporate world ? why sincerity never pays off ? Though it is said to be paid off in Cinemas ..
13) Why people always put all wastes in road and dirty their own country ? and why do they behave properly when they go abroad ?
14) Why society always see transgenders with a wrong eye ? why can't they be accepted as normal ?
15) Why people still live their entire life for others and society ? why can't it be for themselves ??
16) Why do parents force their opinion on kids ? why can't they respect and give freedom to kids ?
17 ) who determines the scale of right and wrong things in society ? what is right for me may or may not be right for others ? For eg , I think Shakeela can get married ... She must be having her own reasons and views for her acting ! why can't a guy accept her for what she is than what she has done !!
18) Why can't a public figure like Kamaal or Kushboo say their own opinion ? how can they take responsibility for all others ?everyone is supposed to be having brain..
19) Regarding Kushboo's statement - Virginity - how do u define it ? in older days, if you just look at other guy itself , then you have become bad in heart ... today, we see living togetheer becoming common , tomorrow anything else can become common ... so ,what will happen to our culture and moral values ?
20) Why only some people in society help the poor? While we look for luxury in everything ,why cant we help someone with that money ?
21 )why theere is no rule in the indian law to help poor husbands?

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